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Its been a while since I have been here but plan on coming back soon! I started doing Endermologie from a Groupon I bought which was totally worth the price as I kept coming long after it run out. I started Velashape, but sadly wasn't satisfied with the results. I recommend confirming your appointment prior and ask for Brigette, she is the best! Randa, the owner is very kind as well. I also recommend the body wrap after the endermologie or a'la carte for best results! Best prices in town.

...Nic C. Los Angeles, CA

I'd purchased a groupon for the infrared body wrap treatments because I'd rather lay down and let a machine do all the work for me instead of actually exercising, and when I heard I could burn 400 calories by just LYING down, I was sold.

Smooth and Skinny is located INSIDE the Grand salon, just fyi, so you don't spend 10 minutes wandering around looking for the blasted place.

Upon my first visit, I'd made an appointment over the phone and when I arrived I wasn't greeted for a while--which was weird, but I was a twenty-something in a salon-spa full of typical OC housewives, so maybe they knew I'd cheaped out and bought a Groupon. Anyway, long story short somehow my appointment wasn't in the books and the (lovely) French woman who does the wraps was fully booked that day. It was a little bit of a pain in the butt, since I'd made the 10 mile drive just for that reason. (Gas is expensive, okay?!)

Anyway, the other wraps were fine. Basically you strip down to your skivvies--you can take off your bra if you don't want it to get sweaty (cause it will) and the aforementioned Frenchwoman rubs your "trouble spots" with some thick cream that smells kinda funny. Then you climb in some plastic sheets inside what looks sorta like a sleeping bag. The lady tucks you in, puts a fan on your face (say yes to the fan, or you will be miserable) and leaves you alone for around 25-30 minutes.

The thing was, it was supposed to be all relaxing, but both times the lady came in several times during my treatment to get things--meaning she turned on the lights and interrupted my zen state. Not that I'm picky about that, but it was weird, having the door open with people walking by while naked in a sleeping bag.

Anyway, be prepared to sweat, A LOT. After my first time I was a seriously hot mess, I had some redness where the cream was and then where I guess the heating mechanisms are in the bag, but it went away soon afterward.

The whole thing felt good, but I sure as heck wouldn't pay full price for it. I could definitely buy some plastic wrap and roll around in an electric blanket instead. And I'm still not sure I actually burned any calories, but it's nice to pretend I could have.

...Leslie A. Los Angeles, CA

So I've been wanting to try this cellulite treatment for a long time and I'm so glad I finally did!! After just a few sessions I started to notice my thighs, hips and stomach trimming down and getting super smooth. Now that there's a sauna available as well, the results show even better and faster. I totally recommend this to anyone trying to get in shape and toned for the new year.

...Taryn M. Fullerton, CA

Bought and used the Groupon. Liked the service and Randa so well, I bought 4 sessions of the VelaShape 2. The combination of the Endermologie and the VelaShape 2 was a winning combination. Randa and Brigitte were wonderful to work with. Would definitely recommend Smooth & Skinny. Not to mention she is the BEST price in the county.

... Jerochro R. Yorba Linda, CA

I had debated this purchase for awhile and finally purchased via Groupon and I'm so glad I did. I've had 3 treatments and have already started seeing results. I can't wait to see the end result. Thank you Randa. P.S. great price!!!

...Dione M. Placentia, CA

Now at the age of 40 I realized my body isn't going to stay tight and smooth like it did when I was in my 20's without work. So, I started researching noninvasive treatments to help tighten, reduce visibility of cellulite and just smooth out my skin. In my research I found that endermology is highly successful and actually very beneficial to your body. After completing one package, my body is exactly where I want it. My legs are completely smooth, my butt is lifted, my waist is contoured and my skin looks young, tight and smooth again. So, with healthy eating, exercise and Smooth and Skinny my body now looks better than it did in my 20's. I highly recommend the treatments they offer at Smooth and Skinny to help you get the body you've been wanting.

...Jami L. Placentia, CA

I was very skeptical of endermologie and body wraps until I had sessions with Brigitte & Randa. I am very physically active & not necessarily looking to do this as a substitute for a weight loss method, but with age my skin is not as tight and toned as in my youger years and I had some areas that needed to be smoothed out.The results are amazing. I call it my dirty little secret!!!! I highly recommend if you're looking to tighten & tone like I was try at least 12 sessions broken down into twice a week and then go onto a maintenance plan of 2-4 times per month.The added bonus is Brigitte & Randa are extremely pleasant to deal with and very accommmodating. I give their services a 5 Star plu!!!

...R S. Brea, CA

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